Colors of Life


Colors of Life has developed a unique approach of utilizing the evocative power of art to create opportunities for spotlighting the activities of its partners and beneficiaries and providing a venue for direct and indirect fundraising activities and other support. These opportunities have included gala receptions and dinners, embassy receptions, exhibitions in major art and photography fairs, art galleries and corporations and public forums for discussion of related topics and initiatives.

The results-oriented formula developed by Colors of Life covers all aspects of organizing and managing a variety of events focusing on top-quality artwork produced for its annual international photo contest or otherwise. Typically, the services provided by Colors of Life would include:

  • Thematic and Guideline Development

    Working with partner beneficiaries and co-sponsors to establish timely and topical themes for the photo contest or exhibition around which the events will be organized.

  • Competition Convocation and Publicity

    Preparation of contest and exhibition convocations, rules and guidelines and widespread distribution through Colors of Life channels, social media outlets, print and online specialized publications and other websites and outlets that reach out to artists and photographers.

  • Web technology and Social Media

    Coordination of all IT and content-related web-based and other social media aspects relating to the photo contest and exhibitions. These aspects include the development and maintenance of the dynamic portion of the Colors of Life web site, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Finalist/Prizewinning Photo Selection

    Jury selection and coordination of judging process.

  • Printing and Framing

    Production of high-quality prints and their framing for use at the various exhibitions and other events.

  • Marketing and Commemorating Materials

    Production of marketing and commemorative materials for sale or distribution in connection with exhibits and events featuring the finalist photos, including posters, catalogs, note cards, calendars and others.

  • Exhibition and Organization

    Selection of exhibition and event venues and organization of all aspects of receptions, awards ceremonies and other events.

  • Media Coverage

    Organization of appropriate media coverage of the events and beneficiaries.

  • Artwork and Merchandise Sales

    Coordination of sales of artwork and finalist photographs, along with related marketing and commemorative materials (posters, catalogs, calendars, note cards, etc.).