Colors of Life

Maps Exhibition Opening Night

The works of art in this exhibit by Italian artist Andrea Costa are an expression of his deep love and connection with the United States. In MAPS he reflects on the importance of words in our memory, history, and perception. Through these works the artist proposes not simply a finite number of maps, but as many as the eyes which regard them.

Panel Discussion How Photography Influences Cross Cultural Dialogue

An evening of discussion with O. Louis Mazzatenta, Amalia Pizzardi, Christie Neptune and Laila Abdul-Hadi Jadalah. Our panelists will discuss how their own work with photography has influenced understanding of other cultures, both internationally and locally. Following the discussion there will be an audience q+a along with a reception.

@Hillyer Art Space, 9 Hillyer Court, Washington DC, November 17, 2016.

The World Bank Opening

Colors of Life International Photo Contest 2012: “Investing in Women and Girls” visually accompanies the Law, Justice and Development (LJD) Week 2012 which will explore the potentially transformative role of effective law and legal institutions in providing people with more opportunity that is both inclusive of underserved populations and equitable.