Colors of Life

Winners 2010

These are the five prize-winning photographs from the 2010 Colors of Life International Photo Contest.

1st prize: Micajah Truitt, San Diego, California, USA, Accidental Freedom

This image is of a man being pulled through the air by a kite in the distance. Your point of view is from below the man’s feet. The rope is all tangled up around the legs and body of the man. The rope twists and turns into the distance. It is a color image.

The image is from a series called “Passages From The Kite Chronicles”. The series started in 2002 and continues today. The kite is handmade from paper and sticks. The kite appears torn and abused. The rope is sisal. There is always an element of absurd or impractical in how the kites fly. The kites in the series defy logic.

2nd prize: Mascha Verkooijen, London, England, Big Bang

‘Big Bang’ is part of a series of /images that aims to represent the sometimes delicate qualities of people and how exposed they are.

This particular image was inspired by the children that I met during a project at an orphanage in Malaysia. These children were left behind, found on the street or were taken away because of neglect and abuse. Despite this difficult situation they were the most kind, interested and often talented children, who kept dreaming - of things like a treat, a compliment, someone to care for them, a good education or a bright future. Sadly these dreams were out of reach due to the harsh environment they were living in.

3rd prize: Khushboo Jhala, Birmingham, Alabama, USA, Dreams of an Acquiescent

“Dreams of an Acquiescent” is a photograph taken in a historic temple in Kumbhalgarh, India. The juxtaposition of the bird cages against a stained glass window symbolizes the captivity of a dreamer whose thoughts are bound to a form of acquiescence in the realm of his reality. In his dream, his view from the inside looking out inspires a longing to release the beauty of his voice and mind, the longing to fly

Honorable Mention: Lloyd A. Greene, Beavercreek, Ohio, USA, Prayer

Prayer at Chichicastenango: Chuchkajauyes swing censers (usually tin cans poked with holes) with incense of copal resin at the front steps of Iglesia Santo Tomàs.

The 400-year old church of Santo Tomàs is built atop a Pre-Columbian temple platform in Chichicastenango. It is also known as Santo Tomàs Chichicastenango, which is a town in the El Quichè department of Guatemala. Today, K’iche’ Maya priests still use the church for their rituals, burning incense and candles.

Honorable Mention: Luis Molina, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Oasis

Oasis is a photo shot in the “barrio of Jalapa” close to the municipal market. This image sums up the deep and different situations found on the streets of my country, in which the interaction of the individual with his surroundings matches and at the same time contrasts the messages written or painted on the walls, either ideological, commercial or primitive murals, promising the walkers the chance of a better life.